Portland’s newest unique, industrial, event and co-working studio

Hold your next big event in the heart of Portland’s Innovation Quadrant.


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The Rooftop

Weddings, parties, and sunset dancing are perfect on the roof with Portland’s cityscape shining in the background.                                      

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The Auditorium

With a state-of-the-art projector and audio along with seating for 70, the auditorium sees movie screenings, conferences, meetings, and more. 


The Dining Room

Pop-up dining, baby showers, and birthday parties all sparkle hosted at the intimate Dining Room space’s long table. 


The Kitchen

A massive slab island forms the focal point for your next wine tasting or cooking class, with dual dishwashers, a six-burner range, and prep space.


Desk Share

Want to add creative energy to your work environment? 811 Stark's co-working space features dedicated and flex desk options, so there’s something for everyone.